Heinzen Mead

The second recording of the lied duo on Solo Musica presents the diverse works of composers from Romanticism to contemporary music with 24 songs by 24 female composers. For the Clara SCHUMANN anniversary in 2019, the Swiss soprano Franziska HEINZEN and the British-Polish-German pianist Benjamin MEAD dealt with the work of women composers – and discovered a valuable treasure trove of rarely known songs.

The album describes a life journey through refreshing spring fever, painful hours of loneliness and uncertainty as well as fearful premonitions of death and dark fears. This is followed by five examples of self-confident female figures, whose experiences are concluded with wiser, as retrospective, reflections on life.

“An Album to listen to several times and give as a gift.” Ekkehard Pluta, klassik-heute.de

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Remy Franck, pizzicato.lu

“A Masterpiece.” Michael Zerban, o-ton.online

Release: 15.10.2021

Label: Solo Musica


EUR 20 incl. postage

Women Composers Komponistinnen Heinzen Mead